Staining Referral Program

As a contractor, you may decide to leave the staining to others and stay focused on fence/deck building. This is understandable but we feel you should be rewarded if you are willing to refer any of your customers who may be interested in having their new fence or deck stained. We will pay you a 10% commission immediately on every paid invoice for staining referred by you, within the past 12 months. Simply provide us with your customer’s contact info or have them contact us and we’ll take care of all the details. It’s that easy!

Panel Pre-Staining

5 STAR Fence Supply Inc offers a special commercial rate on bulk fence panel pre-staining (before installation). A minimum order of $1000 is required and panels must be stained on both sides. To qualify for the commercial rate panels must be standing upright, together and in an easy-to-access area suitable for staining (not sensitive to overspray or drips on the floor). Panels must have a moisture content of 12-18% before staining, or warranty is voided. In most cases the panels will need to air dry for at least two weeks after manufacture.

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