Wood Furniture

Today I propose to know some types of wood furniture . Wood is the universal material par excellence, I checked. It is durable, resists any ambient temperature although expensive their care, but the aesthetic value is very high.

Classes for your wood furniture

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The wooden furniture is a fixed point in all our houses. They are of any type and any model. Integrated into any style depending always on the design, finishes, colors, etc.. Such is the case of the rustic, well known by all. But almost no matter the style of decoration, there will be wooden furniture in interior decoration.

Cherry cabinets

The cherry tree is a kind of wood that is mainly characterized by it's reddish hues. It is used in modern furniture by the straight lines of the graph has. Because this is fine grained and not too hard so it is mainly used as coating metal agglomerates. Maintenance is only with a soft cotton cloth and some cleaner periodically wood waxes or oils. Very important is the protection of the sun to avoid discoloration.

Oak Furniture

We can find oak in a wider range of colors and is used for traditional and rustic interiors for it's hardness. This wood accepts any finish and aging treatments may have to give more wealth to spare.

Pine Furniture

The pine furniture have pros and cons. Pine is widely used in woodworking because it's wood is easy to work. It is rustic and you can pickle it, dyeing or waxing . It is applied to juvenile furniture. As it is a soft wood is more prone to scratches than you can rub with garlic or wax to hide.

Teak Furniture

Another to consider wood is teak, high hardness and strength. Used to Colonial styles, it's exotic touch. If you protect her from the elements does not require added treatment beyond cleaning. It is perfectly using renewable oils and varnishes.

Mahogany furniture

Finally, mahogany is the most widely used traditionally because of it's higher quality. It has always been associated with high status furniture. To keep it must be protected from direct sunlight and maintain a certain degree of moisture in the atmosphere because it is prone to dry easily.

Decide to have the best wooden furniture in your home and do not think that they are old have no solution, quite the contrary, this item is noble and good easy to maintain, you just have to spend time. Now that you know some of the types of wood furniture that you can choose , you can also make homemade furniture polish to help keep them in good condition.

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