Over the Christmas holiday...

Over the Christmas holiday and the bucket of vacation days I used, I launched into a project that I had imagined for over a year. When I bought my house in 2012, my third bedroom, the smallest of the three (the largest my master bedroom, the middle-sized, the guest room) had been dubbed my future boutique closet, aka. room sized closet, aka. walk-in boudoir, etc., etc.

My theme, or vision was to have the room feel like walking into a small clothing store or boutique. I didn't want it to feel like a closet, but, more like you we're shopping. A friend once told me she heard the best place to go shopping is in your own closet. That idea was part of my inspiration.

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Well, a trip to Lowe's, a trip to THE Home Depot (they really emphasize the "the" now for some reason.) and I was on my way. On one of the walls, I imagined a wall unit for the bulk of the hanging clothes, similar to what you would typically see in a full-sized room closet, usually dark wood, elegant.

Often these are built-in,constructed against the wall, secured to the wall, and trimmed in. That tends to be expensive, and ever the frugal gal, I tried to think of something less costly and came up with using bookcases as bookends (excuse the pun) of my wall unit where I could use two finished wooden curtains rods and have cubbys.

After hoping to find two tall bookcase at a consignment shop or on Craigslist, I decided I would just buy them-snagged them off my beloved Amazon. I almost immediately regretted that, as I realized why not build them with real wood instead. It was too late to cancel my order of two 6+ pressed wood particle & laminate shelves, so those are now being used in other locations, and I proceeded to build my version.

In that I don't even make proper materials lists or cut list for myself, I won't give one here, as these are a very simple design and each person will likely need their own tailored size. I customized mine based on the fact that I wanted the whole unit to be braced against the right side wall/corner, and on the left, against the door trim, for stability unit l I bolt it to the wall. I can tell you they are 6 tall with 6 legs, and the shelves are 16.5 wide and about 12 deep. That makes these cubbies a bit too wide for the standard cloth drawers that are popular now and a great colorful option to add here. If you would like to use those, I might just make your top and bottom boards 12 as those are generally around 11 wide/deep.

Here are some finished project pics (well, I still need to thin out the clothes, organize by color, I've replaced the plastic hangars with wooden ones; more to do, but you'll get the idea)

One of the reasons for the feet, besides looking nice, the wall needs trim around the bottom (and molding at the top) and the feet allow for space for that depth change.

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