I enjoy brewing beer more than drinking beer...

I enjoy beer. However, I don't usually enjoy drinking beer very often. In a normal week, I probably have 3-4 beers and in fact, I love brewing beer ten times more than I enjoy drinking the stuff.

However, this past week my brother came into town. I live in Portland, OR and well, we have a few brewpubs in town. We didn't make it an aim to drink as much beer as possible, and in fact we we're with our wives and our mother, so we knew drinking exorbitant amounts of alcohol wasn't even an option.

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So, how did we end up drinking 70 beers (each!)? Here's the fun part

First of all, my brother and I we're imbibing in Seattle this past January, walking around town, having a great time, and we discovered that Elysian was coming out with a series of beers called Beers of the Apocalypsewith a new beer coming out each month in 2012 (with gorgeous art from Charles Burns' Black Hole ). So because he can't get that in the midwest, we decided I'd buy all 12 and whenever we're together, we'll split a bottle and re-bond over our great time in Seattle. It's early June, and I have all five bottles that have been released thus far.

Secondly, we both homebrew. This means that whenever we see each other we always have a case (or more) of each others' beers to try. We exchanged everything from a chocolate stout and funky Berliner-weisse to a Belgian-style triple and a pumpkin pale ale with Brettanomyces. They we're all delicious and for the most part we're the best homebrews I've had. It's definitely good to see the both of us improving on our brews as time passes. Along with our homebrews, we traded a few regional brews that the other cannot get (he lives in Kentucky, so he brought me some Three Floyds and Founders; I got him some Russian River and Cascade). Also, it's just always good to catch up with him and share tricks of the trade, knowledge about brewing science and different techniques, and talk about upcoming releases and hard-to-get bottles.

Thirdly, I'd planned a few brewery visits and tours for his 6-day, whirlwind trip in Portland. My favorites are Deschutes, Cascade, Pelican and Amnesia, so those we're the ones we made sure we scheduled right away. At most of the places we visited, we ended up getting flights (tasters of many different types of beer)sometimes of 10 or more brews too. And at Amnesia, they happened to be holding the second annual Single Hop Fest (which was amazing!) the day after my brother got into town.

And lastly, Belmont Station. It's a terrible, horrible place and one of the most wondrously beautiful businesses in Portland. Terrible, because it takes half of my paycheck each month and wondrous because they not only have 1000+ bottles of beer from all of the world, but they also have a rare beer cafe as well. We showed up for Pliny the Elder on tap and ended up having half a dozen different beers, all of which I'd never tasted before.

Anyway, it wasn't until day 4 or 5 when it hit me just how many different beers we'd each tried throughout the week, so we sat down and tried to remember all of them. I honestly think we're still leaving out one or two (or ten), but the following beers I know for sure we're each sampled by the four of us (me, my brother and our wives).

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