Adding curtains makes a difference

Adding the curtains can make a serious difference in the look of a room. It's an easy home remodeling project that can be done very quickly. If you are wondering how it's possible to get started dressing up your windows with a new look, it's simple, but you are going to require a few tools and creativeness.

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If you are prepared to install new curtains, think about installing new curtain rods too. You may have some outdated curtain rods in your home, or perhaps you simply wish to add a bit more detail to your window treatments. Installing curtain rods is a rather easy process. You'll need a measuring tape, a pencil, a level that is 3-4 feet long, and a power drill to do the project right!

If you have tall windows, you're going to need a ladder or a chair to stand on while installing the curtain rods for your new curtains. Find the height where you'd like your curtain rods to be installed. Then use a level and a pencil to draw a line above your window at this height. Stand back and have a look at the line. Does it look level? Measure from the floor to the line at each end of the line to be certain it is on a level with the floor. Both ends of the line should be the same measurement. Put simply, the line should be parallel to the floor. If these 2 measurements aren't the same, check your level again and find the best compromise for the curtain rod that will place it somewhere between level and parallel to the floor.

Next, install your curtain rod using this line as a guide. Once your curtain rod is installed, you can be ready to put up your curtains. If you purchased your curtains at the store, they'll probably must be ironed or steamed. This could take a little time. The iron can be warming while you install the curtain rods.

Installing new curtains is a quick and simple project. Installing your curtain rods level is maybe the most important part of the project. As long as you have the right tools, making the curtain rods are level shouldn't be any sweat. Be sure to use a robust chair or a strong ladder for your project to remain safe. Enjoy your new curtains!


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