While this film may not have been a favorite amongst the critics...

While this film may not have been a favorite among the critics, I thought it was quite cute. If you've been living under a rock and have never heard of this film, it's about a black woman, Sarah Mathews (Whoopi Goldberg), who goes to a sperm bank and asks to be artificially inseminated. She requested a tall, intelligent, black man, hoping to at least get a black man. Her daughter, Zora Mathews (Nia Long), finds out she is a product of an artificial insemination during her senior year of high school and sets out to find out who her father is. When she finds that her father is white and Halbert 'Hal' Jackson (Ted Danson), a local car dealer who makes wacky tv commercials, her mother is horrified.

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I thought this movie was charming and the chemistry between Goldberg and Danson was awesome. Though both are capable of holding their own in the comedic realm, neither of them take over the film. There's a well-balanced comedic flow between the two. And Will Smith (Tea Cake Walters), Zora's best friend, is hilariously funny as the protective, dorky best friend.

Since this movie is essentially about racial identity, I thought they did a good job of not making the audience cringe as they tackled such a difficult subject. The romantic comedy managed to work very well handling the shock and horror of a black woman finding that her daughter has a white father.

I'm mentioning this movie, because while it hit theaters in 1993, I STILL enjoy it in 2013. I enjoy it every time it comes on HBO and I have no problem turning from what I'm watching to view it. It's a feel good romantic comedy that gets me every time. I watched it twice this weekend I love it!

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