5 tips for the perfect office interior

If you've decided your office interior needs some spring cleaning or are looking to shake up your offices style this year, there are a few things you need to think about. Redesigning your office from top to bottom is a job which is probably best left to the experts, but there are steps you can take to create a lighter, brighter and fresher space which will not only create a great first impression to potential clients, but will also motivate and inspire your team when they come to work. Read on to discover our 5 tips for the perfect office interior.

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1. Create some light

If you're lucky enough to have an office with large windows, keep them free of blinds and other clutter to allow as much light into your space as possible. Offices with smaller windows can create a more spacious, airy feel by installing bright LED lights.

2. Choose the right furniture

Choosing furniture which not only looks great but is practical is a must for any well-designed office interior. Select comfortable, spacious desks and ergonomic seats which can be adjusted for individual users. Its important to also ensure that you have ample storage to keep files and other clutter out of view.

3. Think about your clients

The first thing clients or visitors to your office will normally see is your reception, so it needs to be clean, professional and contemporary. Select modern furniture and ensure there is plenty of comfortable seating, and a reception desk which isn't too high this creates a barrier between the visitor and receptionist that can be off-putting. Installing a coffee or drinks machine is another great way to help clients feel at home from the second they arrive at your office.

4. Plan your layout

An open plan office is great to encourage collaborative working, but installing some partitions to break up open plan space is also vital you should have a breakout area and smaller areas where people can go to take a private phone call or carry out research without being disturbed. This doesn't need to be expensive to do; it's easy to find affordable partitions that you can install yourself to break up a large, open plan space.

5. Add some homely touches

Dont underestimate the power of adding some home comforts to the work place. A breakout room or area with a drinks or vending machine, where staff can go to relax, is a great idea. Adding some plants to your reception area and the main office creates an inviting atmosphere, and providing reading material such as magazines for staff and visitors is another nice touch.

Creating the perfect office interior doesn't have to be hard, and if you're struggling for inspiration or need a little more help, why not hire the services of anoffice interior designfirm to help? There are plenty of commercial interiors firms that can turn your office into a place you'll look forward to spending time in every day!

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