3 Top Tips in Caring for your Pearls

Wearing a pair of simple Akoya pearl earrings is an effortless way of bringing luxury in your outfit. Whether you are dressed to impress or opting for a walk in informal jeans and a lovely top, you can't make a mistake with pearls. They express great elegance, so you'll look extremely sophisticated in them. And in case you take good care of them, they'll become a family heirloom that may last for generations to come.

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Below are useful ways that you can make your pearl earrings (or pearl necklace) last longer.

1. Be proactive.

Pearls are natural products created by living organisms. Because of this, they're extremely fragile and they may effortlessly get damaged by chemical substances, artificial compounds such as cologne, and oils. Apart from that, these jewelry pieces may also get scratched effortlessly, which might lead to breakage. So to prevent any of these from taking place, be proactive and make sure they do not interact with any dirt, dust, and dangerous chemical substances. When you are preparing for a special occasion, make sure that you put on your pearl earrings last.

2. Clean them using mild soap.

Once in a while, clean up these earrings using an extremely mild soap. Don't ever utilize any kind of detergent or soaps that have a powerful scent as they contain harsh chemical substances that may thin out the pearls' nacre, or even the material that gives these jewelry pieces their luster. Instead, consider using a baby soap.

Exactly what you can do would be to get lukewarm water and dilute a little bit of soap in it. After enough soap is added to the water, let your earrings soak for a while till the particles get softened up. After that, get the jewelry out of the water and dry them out with a soft material. Keep in mind, do not let anything that has a rough texture come in contact with these jewelry pieces as they will damage their surface.

3. Store them in a satin-lined bag.

During storage, don't let these jewelry pieces come in contact with the rest of your gemstones. Instead, store them in a satin-lined bag to make sure that their condition is intact. If you would like, for extra precaution, you can wrap them in a soft piece of fabric before you place them in the bag.

If you do not have confidence in your cleaning abilities, you can always turn to the experts for help. However when turning in your pearl earrings to a jewelry shop, select a enterprise that has a well-established reputation.


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