19 Gal Stain Sprayer


Custom-built, low-pressure airless design to maximize productivity while minimizing overspray and tip wear. Battery powered, eliminating the need for 120V and extension cords on site. A full battery easily handles a long day of staining and recharges in less than 7 hours. The polyethylene tank holds 19 US gal of stain, enough to cover 2375-3325 sq ft. Coverage rates will vary due to age of the boards, species of wood and milling process.

H 51″ W 21″ D 23″ 84Ibs.

  • Heavy-duty 12V/7A on-demand pump, 60psi, 1.8gpm
  • Powerful 12V/40Ah AGM battery
  • Built-in 6A battery charger with automatic shut-off
  • 40′ of 3/8″ ID PVC braided hose
  • 24″ brass trigger & curved end/swivel tip wand + Stainless Steel fan nozzle
  • 48″ brass curved end/swivel tip wand + Stainless Steel fan nozzle
  • Mounted on a steel hand truck with 10″ pneumatic tires

8 Gal Chemical Sprayer


Designed to apply prep chemicals before staining. Compatible with bleach, oxalic acid and caustic strippers. Flush water through the sprayer immediately after using these cleaners to maximize sprayer pump life. Built the same as our 19 Gal Stain Sprayer, the only difference is it has no quick coupler and comes with a corrosion-resistant composite trigger, wand, two nozzles and a shroud, instead of a brass trigger & wands. H 51″ W 21″ D 23″ 80Ibs.

3 Gal Pressure Sprayer


This versatile, contractor-grade hand pump unit can be used for spraying stain on decks or prep & cleaning chemicals such as bleach, oxalic acid, caustic strippers, degreaser and dish soap solution. Each stain colour or prep/cleaning chemical must have its own dedicated sprayer to avoid contamination. Comes with a Viton main seal, two nozzles and a nozzle shroud. H 22″ W 8″ D 8″ 3lbs.

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