Wood Defender is a commercial grade paraffinic oil-based penetrating stain which is also a sealer & preservative. One application lasts up to 5 years and recoats are a snap with no prep needed (unlike film-forming stains or paints which will crack, flake and peel). Specifically formulated for harsh climates, Canadian VOC-compliant Wood Defender has the right combination of fungicides, mildewcides and UV inhibitors to protect wood fences throughout the life of the product. Wood Defender helps fences repel water and resist cupping, splitting and warping by adding the necessary oil back into the wood. And not only fences, Wood Defender is also ideal for decks, siding, pergolas etc.

Wood Defender’s key advantage over film-forming stains or paint is its unique penetrating ability. The stain actually soaks into the cell structure of the wood, protecting from the inside out. Paint or film-forming stains cannot do this, rather they merely coat the surface of the wood trapping in harmful moisture and don’t allow the wood to “breathe”.

As you already know, the most vulnerable area of a wood fence is the bottoms of the fence boards, especially next to the rail/retaining strips where it is easy for debris and moisture to accumulate. Left untreated, this is the first place rot will cause the fence to fail. By applying Wood Defender soon after a new fence is built and every 3-5 years after, the fence will last significantly longer than an untreated fence. Offering a Wood Defender staining program is a very profitable way to add value to your services – and keep in touch with your hard-earned customers!

Transparent Fence Stain

5gal $175

Utilizes ultra-fine Trans Oxide pigments to highlight and reveal all of the wood grain. Transparent Fence Stain is often desired on a new cedar fence where the customer is striving to highlight & glorify the existing wood beauty. Covered by a 2 year pro-rated manufacturer’s warranty. Stain life is usually 2x the warranty.

Cedar Tone



Oxford Brown

Also available by special order: Harvest Brown, Sequoia, Bright Cedar, Clear Glow and Saddle Tan.

Semi-Transparent Fence Stain

5gal $175

Utilizes opaque pigmentation at a reduced rate to achieve a stained appearance. The unique pigment combination has been tested to prove its unparalleled UV protection. Semi-Transparent Stain is ideal for older fences or to achieve more hide/blend than possible with a transparent stain. Covered by a 3 year pro-rated manufacturer’s warranty. Life expectancy is usually 2x the warranty period.

Rustic Oak



Sable Brown

Cumberland Brown

Coffee Brown

Also available by special order: Desert Sand, Golden Rod, Yellow Straw, Sedona, Coronado, Graystone, Prairie Gray, Mesa Gray and Cape Cod Gray.

200 Series Stain & Seal

5gal $200

Multi-purpose formula that is faster drying. Ideal for decks and other horizontal surface structures. Covered by same warranty as our fence stains above.

Transparent colours available in the 200 Series are: Cedar Tone, Redwood, Leatherwood and Oxford Brown.

Semi-Transparent colours available in the 200 Series are: Sierra, Sable Brown and Coffee Brown.

Colour samples are shown on cedar. Wood type, age, texture, grain and condition may affect results. To view pictures of all colours on cedar samples check under COLOURS

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